Below we have provided a sample list of project renovations completed by JJ Custom Builds in the Kapiti region so that you can get inspired to create your own ideas.

Further detail for each renovation include suppliers and tradespeople assistance, materials used, timing and pricing is availble in the detail view. 

 Kakapo court

  • Started - 2/04/2019
  • Completion - 90 days
  • Contract - Fixed price

Project Description

Kakapo court 

Renovation and Addition consisted of two separate additions

1x widening existing garage door

1x new double garage @ 36m2 a new covered entry canopy @ 30m2

1x new sunroom with coved verandah 60m2

we removed all harditex cladding and windows inspected the pine framing then reinsulated and installed new double glazed windows and timber weather board on a cavity system  

Build cost | 250-500K Back to article list

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